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Specialist recruitment

With a deep understanding of each industry's nuances and demands, we connect top talent with leading opportunities, ensuring unparalleled success for both candidates and employers alike.

Onboarding 4-week program

Functional HR automation to move your business forward. Ideal for smaller HR teams.

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  • You have time
  • You are on a budget
  • 1 day accredited workshop to recruit like an expert*
  • 6-month performance guarantee*
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  • You have limited time
  • Reduce costs
  • New job advert
  • 1 x Seek Premium Advert valued at $1000
  • Publish on LinkedIn, Instagram and Arrow website
  • Candidate management and screening
  • Results consultation for assessments
  • 1st interview recorded
  • 6-month performance guarantee
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  • Everything in Basic plus:
  • You don’t have time
  • Arrow takes full control
  • Renumeration & Incentives
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  • Package negotiation
  • Reference checks
  • Access to Arrow Coaching Hotline during probation
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  • Everything in Professional plus:
  • Arrow can ramp up your new team member
  • 4 x 1 hour coaching sessions with Jason Howes
  • Review assessment results
  • Develop action plan | Key areas for improvement
  • Arrow onboarding program
  • Review systems and processes
  • Develop leading KPIs
  • Mentoring for 1st month
  • 3-6 month review on performance
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The Industry Leader in Candidate Assessment Tools

Our use of the pioneering and industry-leading candidate assessment tool OMG - provides predictive recommendations based on sales-specific competencies about whether a sales candidate will succeed in a selling role. With 95% accuracy.


We provide predictive recommendations based on sales-specific competencies about whether a sales candidate will succeed in a selling role.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of experienced recruitment professionals has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for our clients. We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements, culture, and values, enabling us to identify candidates who are the perfect fit for your organization.

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It involves selling products or services within a company to other departments and supporting external salespeople in providing high-level service.

Conducts remote sales activities, prospecting, presenting, and closing deals without in-person meetings. It can be much more cost-effective but harder to maintain relationships or see opportunities—an excellent start to breed talent for future external sales roles.

Ensures customer satisfaction, builds relationships, and maximises value to promote long-term success.

Proactively reaches out to potential customers to generate leads and make sales.

Promotes and sells products/services, meets targets, and provides excellent customer service. A mix of existing and new business. Quite often a starting point in sales.

Identifies customers, builds relationships, and persuades them to purchase products/services. Focus on existing customers—emphasis on relationship cultivation.

Develops relationships with key accounts to drive sales and achieve revenue goals, which can be a higher-level position.

Identifies and qualifies leads, initiates contact, and sets up sales opportunities for the sales team to progress through the pipeline.

Identifies and pursues new business opportunities and expands customer base and revenue. Motivated sales hunter focused on driving growth.

Identifies opportunities, builds partnerships, and drives business growth and expansion—a sales hunter skilled in storytelling to differentiate our product from competitors.

Promotes and ensures products are specified and purchased on construction projects, maintaining communication to ensure compliance and prevent substitutions by builders or contractors. This is a long sales cycle and requires sound systems and processes.

Combines technical expertise and sales skills to provide solutions and drive sales of complex products/services. Researches develops, and modifies products to meet customers' technical requirements and needs.

Manages and nurtures relationships with key accounts nationally, typically with a small client base of under ten but a more significant turnover.

Manages and grows relationships with strategic and high-value national accounts. Records customer requirements, oversee key account turnover, collaborates with product development, and presents new products and services.

Responsibility includes generating leads, closing deals, and achieving sales targets within a specific territory or industry.

Oversees and guides a team of sales professionals to achieve sales targets and drive business growth. Most sales managers are past sales performers, and the issue has rarely had any training — a challenging role to fill successfully.

A sales and marketing manager develops revenue-driving strategies and enhances brand awareness, but the dual roles can lead to conflicting priorities, lack of specialisation, and resource allocation challenges.

Oversees sales activities and manages a team within a specific geographical region, customarily set to reduce travel and increase focus for their team.

Leads and coordinates sales efforts across multiple regions or territories nationally. Oversees sales objectives, goals, and revenue for teams and personnel. Manages regional and division managers across the country. It can involve a reasonable amount of travel.

Responsible for leading and managing the sales department, setting sales strategies, and driving revenue growth. Defines and implements sales strategy and develops forecasts and pricing strategies to ensure profitable sales of products or services.

Responsible for leading and managing the sales department, setting sales strategies, and driving revenue growth. Defines and implements sales strategy and develops forecasts and pricing strategies to ensure profitable sales of products or services.

Oversees and manages overall sales operations and strategies. Gross margin, a profitability measure, compares gross profit to revenue. Gross profit is calculated by subtracting the cost of goods sold from gross sales.

Responsibility includes setting sales goals, developing strategies, and leading the sales team to achieve revenue targets.

Technical/Frame and Truss

Estimates the costs of construction projects, including materials, labour, and other expenses

Leads project estimation process, ensuring accurate cost analysis and budgeting in construction or other industries.

Analyses data, customer requirements, and project specifications for accurate cost estimates. Collaborates with sales and production teams, and in smaller companies, may also be required to deal with clients and close sales. The crossover is challenging.

Calculates and estimates construction project materials, dimensions, and costs for truss systems. Details jobs for production and schedules manufacturing operations.

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