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Ready to convert more leads in new business development?

Looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Why aren’t we generating more new business?
  • Why isn’t our sales team performing?
  • Why aren’t we winning more deals?
Most B2B companies approach us with some, or all, of the above challenges. In some cases, business owners and sales managers are desperate after having tried absolutely everything to rectify the situation.

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Why invest in New Business Development?

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The right people for the right roles

Ensure your sales team can and will prospect

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Outcome-focused sales mindset

Develop a sales mindset focused on growth

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Customer-centric messaging

Use compelling messaging focused on value

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Professional pipeline developments

Equip your team with the right strategy & tools

The 5 steps of effective New Business Development


Strategic Sales Team Evaluation

We evaluate your people, systems and strategies to determine whether your salespeople belong in their current roles, meet your expectations and can execute your strategies.

You’ll learn which of your existing salespeople could be performing two, three or even four times better. You’ll discover what you must do in order to help them achieve their potential.


Sales Strategy & Sales Process

We use a reverse engineering approach, determining where you want to be then determining how to get there using a clearly defined step-by-step sales process.

Having clear sales systems and processes in place has a direct effect on pipeline management, helping your sales team to qualify prospects early in the sales process, leaving time for other key activities.


Ideal Client Profile & Sales Messaging

It’s essential to determine who your ideal client or customer is. An ideal client profile describes the customer you’re targeting in great detail, covering demographics, psychographics and behaviours.

Once you’ve defined your ideal client or customer by using data, research and feedback, it’s crucial to train your sales team to help them recognise the ideal client. As a result, your salespeople will only pursue clients who are the most likely to convert.

You’re now equipped to develop client-focused brand messaging that addresses your customers’ pain points. The result? A shorter sale cycle and more sales.


Sales Training & Coaching

Having identified your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses, we can get to work designing a customised sales training plan for each team member.

In addition, we offer 1:1 sales coaching to reinforce concepts learned in sales training and ensure stronger accountability. These weekly1:1 meetings are focused on pipeline development and meeting leading KPIs.

Having identified your salespeople’s strengths and weaknesses, we can get to work designing a customised sales training plan for each team member.


Pipeline Development & CRMs

We work with your sales team to develop a strong sales culture that’s built around pipeline development and CRM alignment with the focus on creating new opportunities.

Many salespeople have become comfortable in their roles and spend most of their time doing non-sales related activities or over-servicing existing clients instead of picking up the phone. They avoid prospecting like the plague because they’ve never been trained how to do it effectively.

We partner with Membrain, the sales enablement CRM that reinforces the behaviours needed to consistently win B2B sales.

We take care of the entire process so you don’t have to.

We’ve worked with many B2B companies to address common issues through a strategic approach that gets results, every time.

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Obtain new clients

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Sell more products

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Open new markets

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Develop new areas

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