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Build a milestone-centric sales process

Looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Do we have a step-by-step sales process that helps us sell?
  • Is our sales process aligned with our ICP, CRM and pipeline?
  • Does our sales process help us sell on value?
Many B2B companies don’t have a clearly defined sales process, resulting in a hit-and-miss approach for their salespeople and wasting valuable time.


Benefits of an effective Sales Process

KPI Icon

Develop leading KPIs

Empower your salespeople to take action

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Outcome-focused sales mindset

Develop a sales mindset focused on growth

Messaging Icon

Customer-centric messaging

Use compelling messaging focused on value

pipeline Icon

Professional pipeline developments

Equip your team with the right strategy & tools

Arrow 6-step Sales Process

A professionally developed sales process empowers your salespeople to sell value over price, using consultative selling techniques by qualifying prospects early to save wasting time.

Sales Team Evaluation
Sales Strategy
Sales Process
Sales Leadership
Sales Coaching

Align with Ideal Client Profile

Knowing and understanding your ideal client is essential before developing a milestone-centric sales process. It’s crucial to focus on having the right opportunities in the pipeline to avoid wasting time on leads that will never convert.

Defining an ideal client persona or ideal customer avatar helps you develop your brand messaging and increases the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts. The added bonus is reduced marketing cost, a shortened sales cycle and increased conversions.


The power of an effective CRM

The importance of an effective CRM cannot be overstated. Many B2B companies have a CRM that’s outdated and, to put it bluntly, useless. Often management chooses the cheapest CRM that’s hard to use and only report data. This approach holds you back from growing and being more effective plus you lose ownership of data. There is a better way.

We’ve partnered with Membrain to help you integrate your sales process into an effective CRM with the power to transform your sales culture and mindset.

Membrain’s fully integrated platform helps your salespeople sell effectively.

An effective sales process gives your salespeople a well-defined road map to follow.

The Arrow Difference

Here’s why B2B companies prefer to work with us:



It’s a genuine team effort.



Benefit from 30+ years’ experience.



Our approach is backed by science and data.



We develop a tailored program.

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