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Sales training to develop effective sales leadership

Are you facing one or more of the following challenges?

  • Disappointed with sales team performance but you don’t know the reasons why?
  • Frustrated about the inability to recruit successful salespeople?
  • Unsure how to create positive accountability?
You’re not the only one. We partner with B2B companies to tackle these challenges head on by using an award-winning Sales Team Evaluation tool.

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Why use a Sales Team Evaluation?


Global Best Practice

Access sales-specific data to compare your sales managers to 2.2m others


Right People, Right Roles

Figure out if your sales managers and leaders are in the right role


Strategic Analysis

Pull back the covers on sales leadership & sales management


Develop an Action Plan

Develop an actionable plan for performance improvement & execution


Sales Leadership Training

Effective sales management is the key to having a motivated sales team that consistently creates and wins business opportunities. It’s essential to train your sales managers and leaders to empower them to coach their sales team members.


Sales Leadership Coaching

We’re not talking about generalised training programs, so you can tick the right box. When you partner with us, we develop a customised training and coaching program for each sales manager and sales team member. Our sales training is specific, targeted and effective with a focus on new business development.

Most salespeople lack the skills to be as effective as you need them to be.

Benefits of developing Sales Management

Priority Icon

Make sales effectiveness a priority

partnership Icon

Build an outcome-focused sales culture

kpi Icon

Maximise sales team performance

recruit Icon

Learn to recruit like an expert and hire with confidence

The Arrow Difference

Here’s why B2B companies prefer to work with us:



It’s a genuine team effort.



Benefit from 30+ years’ experience.



Our approach is backed by science and data.



We develop a tailored program.

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