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Recruitment 28 February 2024

Sales Recruitment Masterclass

Hire for performance, not just experience! Learn how to hire salespeople based on their potential to perform, not just their past industry experience, in our online Sales Recruitment

Retention 24 February 2024

How to build a sales team development plan

Growth-focused sales leaders must return to their most critical asset: their people. But how can you get the right talent to stay at your company and be productive while attracting the next generation of salespeople?

Sales 24 February 2024

Arrow Sales Trajectory with Gavin Williamson

Gavin Williamson, National Sales Operations Manager with Placemakers New Zealand has a unique background within our industry. He shares a sales story and his journey from rebuilding Christchurch to leading a national sales team of over 240 across NZ. It is always interesting to speak with leaders who invest in team professional development programs and push for excellence in customer experience.

Sales Coaching 23 November 2023

Boost your bottom line with High Impact Sales Coaching

In an era where the pressure to boost efficiency and revenue while simultaneously trimming costs is more intense than ever, Sales leaders find themselves wrestling with a critical question: How can we maximize the outcomes from our existing sales team?

Accounts 9 October 2023

Managing your strategic key accounts for growth

Are your long-term clients safe once market conditions return to normal after Covid? In this webinar, we discuss in more detail potential roadblocks and strategies that we use to ensure your sales team is managing, growing and protecting your strategic accounts.

Sales & Marketing 9 October 2023

Aligning Sales & Marketing

Are you tired of the chaos? The marketing team is spinning one way, while sales are zigzagging in another. It's like a bad dance, and your business is footing the bill. But what if I told you there's a way to bring perfect harmony to this marketing-sales tango?

Accounts 5 October 2023

Transform Qualified Leads into Profitable Sales

This webinar dives deep into sales process, CRM, and automation to help salespeople get opportunities that are stuck moving again. It's common that prospects are not qualified early on, leading to bloated pipelines with poor forecasting. Check this one out if you're not closing your deals or struggling to get an answer!

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