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Transform onboarding into a smooth & successful process

Are you facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • We don’t have an effective onboarding process
  • We’re too busy to onboard new salespeople
  • Our new salespeople ramp up too slowly
We partner with B2B companies to transform onboarding into a smooth and successful process to help you build a high-performance sales team.

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Benefits of an effective employee onboarding process

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Easily and successfully onboard new staff

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Save valuable time in terms of team training

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Increase success rate during probation

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Ramp up faster and improve ROI

Most companies set people up for failure without realising.


The Arrow Onboarding Process

With 30+ years’ experience building high-performance sales teams, we know the importance of an effective onboarding process. We also know you’re too busy to onboard your new salespeople and you’re probably using a CRM that doesn’t have any relevant data for your new sales team members.


Most new salespeople get thrown into the deep end and 50% fail

We partner with you by using a strategic approach to onboarding. We’ll first assess your new salespeople with the Objective Management Group’s award-winning Sales Team Evaluation to uncover their strengths and weaknesses based on science and data.

We’ll then develop a customised onboarding process including 1:1 coaching to support your new team members during the first two months.

How it works

We’ll train your new salespeople to do all of the following.


Create an Ideal Customer Profile

We’ll work with you to build a milestone-centric sales process that’s aligned to your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and CRM pipeline that creates accountability.


Understand current clients

By profiling your ideal clients, your messaging becomes focused on value instead of price.


Qualify new prospects

We will guide your sales team to qualify prospects early in the sales process, leaving time for other key activities.


Develop effective sales messaging

Defining an ideal client persona or ideal customer avatar helps you develop your brand messaging and increases the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.

The Arrow Difference

Here’s why B2B companies prefer to work with us:



It’s a genuine team effort.



Benefit from 30+ years’ experience.



Our approach is backed by science and data.



We develop a tailored program.

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